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 Prana Flow®

Based on the teachings of Shiva Rea, classes are created using sequencing that moves students safely toward a peak asana in a fluid, breath-inspired Vinyasa to create a full body, mind and spiritual transformation.  Rooted in ancient yogic lineage, this full spectrum approach to vinyasa (evolution) and prana (life force) emphasizes movement as meditation so that practicioners can begin to tap into the personal journey of connection to all.  These rhythmic, energetically aligned and creatively sequenced classes are best suited for those with previous yoga experience. Come flow with the current of life!

Shala Flow

A mindfully sequenced, breath centered and medium paced class that creates heat and balance,  incorporating a variety of standing poses with an introduction to intermediate asanas including arm balances, inversion, twists and backbends.  Our Vinyasa class invites students into the home of the body and uses the wisdom of the breath to integrate alignment principles, fluid vinyasa and a deep meditative savasana. Inspiration such as music, poetry, chanting and/or meditation may be used to draw practitioners into the heart, nurturing a deeper awareness on and off the mat. This class is welcoming to varying levels but prior yoga experience preferred.

Fire  Flow 

A heat-building, challenging yet accessible flow class that utilizes strong standing poses, deep cleansing breath, stability through balance, and power in our core to build strength and confidence.  The intention of this class is to ignite agni, our internal fire and to awaken Shakti (life force)!  Each practice ends with a deep, meditative savasana to complete the cycle. Come play in this fun and challenging class and take your practice to the next level. 

Align & Flow

With detailed attention to alignment and fine tuning the practice of flow, this class is perfectly paced to nourish the nervous system while building strength, flexibility and balance.  From a beginner who wishes to move at a slower pace to an advanced practitioner looking to dive deeper into the energetic alignment of yoga, these classes offer a full spectrum of the biomechanics of practice.  Learn how to move safely while building strength, flexibility and balance.  


Gentle Yoga

A soft, nurturing, slow paced, well-supported and relaxing practice best suited for those with movement limitations or injury, and for those in need of stress reduction, seniors or pregnant women.  Movements are carefully orchestrated, accommodating an easy range of motion. Postures are approached in gradual steps with plenty of time to focus on breath and repetition so that the practice is simple and easy to remember.  Suited for all levels.

Stretch and Restore

 A slow paced Vinyasa class focusing on deep openings, softening the body and freeing the mind to begin or end your day with grace.   Class will open with namaskars to create heat followed by restorative and earth asanas  that can be held for longer periods of time to enable the body to heal and the  nervous system to recover from the day or week.  A strong connection to mind and body will be fundamental.  Breath work and meditation will all be incorporated into this heart-lead, intuitive class. This class is suited for new students and seasoned practitioners alike.

Yin Yoga

A series of asanas that are held for longer periods of time to deeply heal the body and quiet the racing mind.  Yin Yoga taps into the deeper parts of the body called connective tissue and fascia, particularly in the spine, hips, pelvis and shoulders. Benefits include stress reduction, increased circulation and flexibility, softening and strengthening of the fascia and improvement of joint mobility.  Suitable for all students and wonderful in particular for athletes, over-stimulated lifestyles and busy minds.

Bhakti Flow

Begin your day with this heart-opening flow class using asana, pranayama and chanting as a devotional offering to the Sacred;  includes beautiful music, seasonal themes and stories from Hindu mythology.  Students are invited to apply their life challenges to the Sadhana (practice) and surrender to the deep intuitive wisdom that resides in the body & breath.  Leave feeling deeply grounded, balanced and reconnected. Practice includes level 2 vinyasa with guided alignment and gradual heat building. Some experience recommended.

Fit Flow - All levels

An energizing class that integrates Pilates core exercise, callisthenic and yoga to bring strength to your yoga and athletic pursuits.  Class will intermingle and flow through yoga poses and finish with yin poses to release and restore the nervous system.  Get ready to be challenged, strengthened and sweat! Welcome all levels!

Advanced Flow - Level 2/3  

The perfect way to end your week!  A dynamic and playful class designed to explore more advanced asanas.  A full two hours gives the body lots of time warm up and play.  You will be guided through a series of opening postures which will lead intelligently up to more challenging poses in a workshop-style setting.  Rotating teachers.  Level 2/3 - prior yoga experience strongly suggested.

Yin/Yang Yoga

A perfectly balanced practice of both dynamic movement and accessible, longer-held poses on the floor to bring harmony to body and mind.  The Yang part of the class will include warming poses, heat building and strengthening while the yin counter practice will work deeply into connective tissues and joints in the body.  All levels and bodies welcome.

Ashtanga Mysore – Following the teaching of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, students follow the traditional self-practice of a fixed order of asanas, combining movement with free breathing. Open to all levels, no previous experience required, just an open heart and willingness to go within. If you are new to the practice, this is the place to start (!!)  as you will be given lots of individual attention as well as a tailored practice to suit your needs.

* Guided Primary Series - Every first Tuesday of the month - for students with an established Ashtanga practice.

Happy Hour Meditation- A variety of pranayama (breath exercises), mudra (body/hand gestures) and mediation techniques and practices to settle the nervous system, release accumulated stress, enhance clarity, attune intuition and find a deep sense of peace.  Practices are suited for all.  Learn to bring a daily mediation practice into your life!!

Sunday Meditation Workshop- A 3 hour workshop offering students a thorough introduction and understanding of meditation, combining ancient wisdom with modern science.  See events page for more details....

Community Kirtan - Kirtan comes from the ancient style of Yoga known as Bhakti or the Yoga of devotion.  The Sanskrit names of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses are sung over and over in a call-and-response form; a leader sings (or calls out) the holy names and the participants repeat them back.  These chants have been sung for thousands of years by those who have come before us. As Jai Uttal says: “as we sing, we immerse ourselves in an endless river of prayer that has been flowing since the birth of the first human beings, longing to know their creator.”

Level Descriptions

Open -  Suited for new students, these are foundation based practices aimed at alignment and introduction to asana, pranayama and meditation. Poses are broken down into easy steps and the pace is slow and methodical.  Suited for those who are injured, new to yoga, in need of stress reduction and/or to  increase mobility, strength and flexibility.

Mixed  –  Heat building, alignment based, multi leveled classes where all levels  practice side by side. Students are encouraged to have some prior yoga experience so that they may easily adjust postures to ability and preference.   

Level 2 – A deepening practice in which students hold poses for longer periods of time as well as flow from one pose to the next. Must have strong inner body and mind connection for self-adjustments necessary to personalize the practice. This class is an introduction to intermediate asanas including arm balances, inversions, back bends and deeper openings.

Level 2+ - A practice for level two students who would like to explore level 3 asanas.  These classes give options for some advanced asana but are comfortably sequenced for any level 2 practitioner.

Level 3 – An intermediate/advanced class for the seasoned yogi who is in touch with personal adjustments and is ready to be challenged by a new and more demanding physical asana practice in a safe and well-supported environment.