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Silence In Solidarity


Be One. Be Love.

Our sisters and brothers will gather at marches and protests around the world to support equality for all humans regardless of gender, race, religious affiliation, economic status, sexual orientation, age or political belief.  

On the evening of Saturday, January 21, we will gather in yoga studios, community centers and homes across the world to observe 30 minutes of Candlelit Silence followed by 30 minutes of community togetherness – in solidarity with this International Movement.   

Like a raindrop that falls into a pond, let us be the many drops so that our ripples may find one another and unite as a means of effecting peace and interconnectedness as well as real and lasting change. 

Silence in Solidarity (SIS) grew out of the recognition that there are members of the community who may be unable to make it to one of the larger urban marches yet would still like to participate in this vital and historical conversation. This gathering also serves those who march, so that they may close their day with a quiet invocation of oneness and love.

SIS encourages community gatherings around the planet to participate in this peaceful action.  Please join us!  And do let us know, we would love to hear from all of you out there…

 #BeOneBeLove  #SilenceInSolidarity