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The Franklin Method Workshops

The Franklin Method


Would you like to improve how you do yoga, pilates, dance, run, swim, walk, snowboard, ski or even meditate??  Pretty much ANY kind of living experience??


June 30th 4:00pm-6:00pm
Pelvic Power for Core Integration

July 7th 4:00 pm-6:00 pm
Healthy, Strong & Flexible Spine for Life

Early Bird Pricing: $30 per class/$50 for both
Pricing After 6/26: $40 per class/$70 for both

Join Karen Campbell Betten for a two day practical usage workshop
that focuses on the application of imagery techniques to increase the alignment and flexibility of the pelvic joints and muscles. The Franklin Method teaches alignment through movement, functional anatomy and mind-body connection through imagery. To balance the action of the joints we will experience the natural bone rhythms in support of healthy function in turn, increasing the safety of the lower back, knees and feet.

Sacral balance is key to the ailment of the spine and legs.  We will experience how the sacrum actually moves as a key to understanding and creating efficient, safe movement.


In this workshop we will:

  • image and feel the masterful design of your pelvis as the core of your movement experience and the gateway to resolving pain/tightness/immobility in any part of you body particularly knees, back and feet.
  • combine the power of the mind & body to release tension, improve flexibility, improve performance and guide optimal movement
  • train and balance the pelvic joints and muscles using balls and thera-bands
  • learn how balancing the sacrum is key to safe, flexible and aligned movement of the back, legs and knees
  • improves focus, co-ordination, flexibility and strength of the body combining mental and physical training

Meet Karen:

I began my journey in the field of human potential as a Registered Nurse in my early twenties working in one of the top trauma centers on the East coast.  I went on to graduate with a Masters Degree in Nursing from the University of Pennsylvania and became a Certified Acute Care Nurse Practitioner.  My dream to become a Nurse Practitioner began on the Trauma Intensive Care Unit.  We took care of the life or death cases with an  integrated team oriented approach.  We often changed the plan of care on the spot for a gut feeling, intuitive hunch and sense of what the direly sick patient needed.    I had a deep yearning to acknowledge and care for  the “whole person”.  I was reluctant to wake up a patient in a deep sleep because it was hospital policy.  I was so acutely tuned in to the needs of my patients I yearned for a more individualistic approach that would honor the individual spirit of each patient.  I sensed, even back then, individual needs were integral to experiencing a state of health and well being

I worked for a group of surgeons of varying ages and experiences and had the benefit of experiencing a variety of approaches to patient care and diagnosis.  One particular physician who was close to retiring, would more often than not, interview a patient, lay his hands on the abdomen, calmly and gently feel around, diagnose and make a concrete plan of action on the spot.  By hospital protocol it was followed up by the residents for the standardized testing for the patient, but the surgeon by no way relied on it.  To me, it was like watching an art form.  The way he felt the abdomen.  The way he spoke to the patients. The older surgeon had a skill and a knowing in his hands and disposition that in my opinion was increasingly less acquired in the younger surgeons that were more reliant on technological testing.  This highly intrigued me.  How could he just know without ‘seeing’ anything on a test?  How could he just “feel” it with his gentle touch?  What was this seemingly intuitive skill that seemed to be a dying art?   I did not use the term “intuitive” back then, I just knew it surely was not any of the traditional 5 natural senses that I was trained to use.

Marriage and having children of my own only deepened these and many other questions. I began exploring other modalities of “healing” including nutrition.   I took my first step outside of traditional allopathic medicine with the home birth of my last two children. An exhilarating and empowering experience that opened my eyes to the incredible strength and potential of the body/mind/spirit.  The home birth midwife I worked with delivered approximately 9 babies a month for over 10 years and had NEVER brought a mother into the hospital for assistance with labor.  She had brought one or two in for bleeding after birth, but never to get the labor moving along.  This was astounding to me.  After all my years in the hospital I had developed the belief that medical assistance was absolutely necessary for birthing children.  I could feel how this midwife believed in the power of a woman’s body to birth and I was “turned on” to engage this power in my body.  It was like nothing I had ever felt.   I noticed how different I felt when I was in her presence.  A calmness.  A connection to the wisdom of my body.  A deep connection to the baby that was filled with joy.  A dissolution of the fears that would creep up every time I read the “What to Expect When Expecting” book.    In labor, this woman was amazing.  She was able to hold me right where I was, not needing to change how I was moving or speaking so that I could engage my own wisdom to birth my babies.  A calming force, watching me closely that brought out an energy in me I did not even know I had…..

Energy.  Intuition.  Felt sense.  What is it?  How can it be utilized? I needed to know and embarked on a quest to learn more about it.  As life would have it, personal events burgeoned possibilities that might not otherwise have been engaged.  I had a miscarriage in my mid thirties that left me facing deep depression and anxiety on levels I had never had before.   I had always believed miscarriage to not be a big deal.   Particularly in my case, I had 2 healthy children. I was young.  I would just try again. What I was feeling; despair, depression, anxiety was certainly not justified in my mind with the story of my experience.  I was lost.  I was a mother of two kids and needed to do something to feel better.  I had seen it in my patients that I cared for but how could this be happening to me?  I became fascinated with nutrition, the Weston A Price studies and diet and the impact it had on health and well being.  I dove in full force, pushing away my feelings to focus on moving forward.   It was a mind boggling journey of discovery on how the American diet had changed so drastically.  The insidious ways the processed food companies supported the production of inferior food for the masses to make profitable returns.  Despite all this horrifying awareness I was enlightened to the possibility that the angst and stress I was feeling about preparing all these meals could be influencing the absorption of the good nutrition I was painstakingly providing my family.  Whoa?  What?  Is it better to prepare a highly nutritious meal with stress, or an inferior meal with ease and balance?  So many questions.  Where was one to find the REAL answers?

My exciting search to “fix me” took a turn to the field of energy medicine, chinese medicine, ayurvedic philosophy and quantum physics.  My core beliefs  about what was real were challenged to their fullest as I opened to the components of the realities of our lives.  My foundations were challenged to the core as I came to understand the principles of consciousness, reality and our role in every single one of our experiences.  I came to understand that victim mentality and scarcity consciousness was playing a HUGE role in the unfolding of my life.

We as a society are inundated with the weaknesses and shortcomings of our body and mind  from a host of  media and advertising sources, family, religious and cultural beliefs and dogma.  Kids are bombarded with inferior food chooses with cute little characters on them to influence choice.   We now know that our beliefs and attitudes can change the expression of our DNA.  ( Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Belief).  Placebo effects ( meaning we get better just because we believe in what we are doing) can arise not only from conscious beliefs in a drug, but subconscious associations between recovery and the experience of being treated, from the pinch of a shot to a doctor’s white coat.  Such subliminal conditioning can control bodily process such as  immune responses and release of hormones( Scientific America, The Cure In, Maj-Britt Niemi Feb/Mar 2009) This is powerful information that can change the fabric of our health and wellness system.

The very nature of our existence on this earth is evidence that we have the wisdom and knowing within to navigate life. This does not mean we have to go it alone but rather allow our wisdom to lead us to what is perfectly aligned for us and to unveil our journey of what we are here to do on this earth. And only through honoring me and expanding the relationship I have with myself would and will my flow of wisdom be revealed to me. This is our truth. And perhaps these words spark a bit of excitement within you too. There are many paths to engage the expansion of your inner wisdom!  I founded Intuitive Living to open the door to all that are called to find their path and begin the limitless potential to create the life we desire.

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