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Sharing the Secrets of the Stars-FREE ADMISSION


Sharing the Secrets of the Stars- FREE ADMISSION

Tara will be sharing insights of the current Planetary transits and how they are affecting us energetically. She will serve as a guide to navigate the stars harmoniously in the upcoming months. Astrology is a tool for understanding ourselves and life purpose. Tara gives a deeper explanation of how the natal chart determines your greatest lessons and the soul's destiny. It's written in the stars!


 As a devoted stargazer from an early age, I've had a long time fascination with the stars. Moved by the knowledge that both the pyramids and many ancient sites were in exact alignment with the planets, I knew there was a world of wisdom the explore. It is said at the exact time of birth your whole life is revealed. The birth chart is simply a picture of the sky at the moment you were born. Now stretch it out over the course of a lifetime and your story begins to unfold.
   My passion is to help clients gain a strong awareness of their soul's path using my intuitive abilities and Astrological insights. I encourage clients to see where their karma or past life experiences have served them by allowing for deep self-transformation. I counsel clients in releasing old patterns to become their greatest self-expression.
  Learning how to navigate life lessons or challenges is one of the many gifts Astrology has to offer. I empower clients to shine their unique talents in the world. When focusing on the strengths, we are pointed in the direction of our highest potential. We are here to fulfill our souls contract which is found in the blueprint of your chart. Astrological interpretation leads us down the path to a better understanding of ourselves.  My purpose is to serve as a guide to help clients realize a clear life-path, to reach for their dreams and live the highest potential.


  "Your destiny is unfolding, its written in the stars,
                 let me help guide your soul's journey".  ~ Tara

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