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Anxiety to Expansion

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‘What if?’

Two words that often indicate a new direction along a path.

‘What if’…

Two words that can help to open doors of opportunity just as We are beginning to feel hopeless about a circumstance, condition, or situation.

‘What if?’…

What if I told You that everything that happens, is helping Us to become stronger in Our own realizations about Our own power?

Take a look at the following words and check in with Your body to see if any feeling or emotion comes up:

Nervous. Anxiety. Panic Attack. PTSD.

I encourage You to take a deep breath here and know that there is help.

Did You know that the word ‘anxiety’ comes from the word origin of ‘to tighten or to choke’? This is very often the way that symptoms are described when people are in the experience of intense anxiety.

‘A tightening in the chest’.

‘A feeling of being choked out/unable to breathe’.

Studies say that there are 40 million people in the United States alone, that work within the experience of anxiety- from social nervousness all the way to full blown manic states. Those same studies say that only about a third of that 40 million affected receive some sort of treatment.

No One needs to suffer.

Change Happens Here.

Please join Us for a very special evening to understand and overcome the old conditioning patterns of this very familiar catalyst.

Cost $25


Under the guidance of a Wisened Grandmother, initiated onto ‘the Path’ and under the tutelage of Patrick Collard, Tia has traveled extensively to gain many Elders’ Wisdom from jungle to desert to highland. Through ritual, initiation and self inquiry, she has gained her wisdom and shares it with the world via group teachings, apprenticeships, podcasts, and the ‘Thursday Evening Call’.

She is intent on helping as many as she can to witness their own ability to create the miraculous, by realizing their own Divinity within. She is here teaching Others how to hear their hearts and take action.