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What is Ashtanga Yoga

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what is ashtanga yoga • what is the tradition
eight limbed path • its focus + its tools incorporating practice

During this immersion we will dive deeper into the context and tradition of Ashtanga Yoga, its inquiry, facets and focus, the inner workings of the practice, and much much more.

When we hear the word Ashtanga Yoga we very often jump to mental pictures of people in crazy yoga poses or people with immense discipline doing their physical routine. But there is way more to the practice than that. First of all - anyone can practice Ashtanga Yoga. If one can breathe, one can practice. The poses are not the primary focus. And secondly - discipline yes, but devotion also. Why devotion. It derives from surrender. Why surrender. Because the practice asks us to surrender, again and again and again. It is the heart of the practice.

This immersion is suited for anyone interested in exploring yogic principles and applying techniques of inquiry into the framework of one’s life. By looking at the fundamentals as well as the multiple layers of Ashtanga Yoga, may this session rekindle your practice - no matter if you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner.

It is offered as a seed to inspire inquiry and to put the practice into a much larger framework than focusing solely on the physical postures that we do on our yoga mat. This session will go into tradition, yoga philosophy, how to embody the practice, how to use the tools, and how to learn from life as part of our yoga practice.

Approaching the physical practice from this expanded perspective, we will spend time looking at the multifaceted brilliance and the unique tools offered by the Primary Series of the Ashtanga Yoga system. Some movement and breath awareness may be part of the session.

All welcome. No experience required.
Come with curiosity and an open heart.

5:30 - 8 pm $25
3/4 talk + 1/4 practice


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