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Authentic Thai Massage

Enjoy this unique rejuvenation opportunity!

Session with Ramphai Noikaew offered April 26 - 28th
Sign up + Sessions at the Ridgway Yoga Shala
$100 for 90 min (1-2 hr sessions available)

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Traditional Thai massage is a unique and powerful healing art that combines physical, energetic, and spiritual healing techniques and concepts. It is the skillful combination of applying both broad and targeted acupressure, finding and dissolving blockages, stimulating energy lines (sen), opening and toning the body with yoga-like stretches, and allowing and encouraging the receiver to engage in a process of self healing, relaxation, and renewal.

In Thailand, massage belongs to one of the branches of traditional Thai medicine, and it incorporates Buddhist healing principles. Masterful Thai massage therapists facilitate and encourage healing in others through their sensitive touch, their application of metta (loving-kindness), and the atmosphere of safety, trust and confidence that they establish and maintain in their practice. Thai massage, at its essence, is a spiritual healing art, not simply a physical therapy.

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RAMPHAI NOIKAEW has been studying thai massage most of her life. Classically trained in her native Thailand, she continues to teach the art to massage therapists from around the world as well as offering sessions herself.


Sessions available April 26-28
At the Ridgway Yoga Shala
Questions: thirdeyevisionaries@yahoo.com